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In 2019, Dairy Farmers of Ontario will curate and share a collection of outstanding dairy recipes and profile a selection of local culinary talent across the province. The Ontario Dairy Recipe Collection will feature new dairy recipes along with profiles of their creators.

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Familiar, accessible Ontario Dairy recipes with a unique twist

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Nutritious, delicious Ontario Dairy recipes on a shoestring

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Exceptional Ontario Dairy dishes infused with other local ingredients

The Canadian Milk Calendar & Recipe Collection

Made in Canada, by our finest culinary artists, like you.

The Milk Calendar has been a part of Canadian life for 42 years. Distributed free to over a million homes every year, the Milk Calendar has always showcased outstanding nutritious and delicious recipes that have evolved to reflect the changing tastes and cultures of our great country.

In 2019, Dairy Farmers of Ontario will curate and share a collection of outstanding new dairy recipes, profiling a selection of local culinary talent from across Canada.

Classic Kitchen

Reimagine favourite dishes and desserts that feature the dairy products we know and love like mac and cheese, pizza, and fresh salads.

Gourmet burger with blackberry and melted cheese
Arugula salad with procuitto and fig

Frugal Gourmet

Milk is a complete food, offering up to 16 nutrients that are essential for health and wellbeing. Think take-along lunch ideas for kids, dinner ideas for large families or healthy one-bowl recipes that deliver what cost-conscious Canadians crave.

Local Fusion

Dairy is an original local food. Get your gourmet dairy-inspired dishes that bring the flavour of local to internationally-inspired gourmet fare.